We can understand that you probably have many questions about how we transport your beloved pet, dog or cat overseas.

We have put together this list of frequently asked questions in the hope that it will help with some of the most popular questions.

How much will it cost to send my pet?

This normally depends on the size of the pet and flight distance. Generally, the larger the pet and longer the flight, the greater the cost as the airlines charge by volume of the travel crate-not just the weight. If you would like a quotation for your pet’s travel, please use the ENQUIRY FORM provided.

What vet certification and vaccinations does my pet need to travel?

For travel to the EU pets only require a valid Pet Passport and vet check and stamp in the Passport before travel. Non-EU countries have other requirements.

How do I find out about the other destination country regulations and make sure my vet gets the correct health certificate?

We will send you the correct application form for the health certificate. When you complete this, we will check it and send it to DEFRA for processing. DEFRA will then send your vet the health export form to complete when your pet is examined prior to export.

Can my pet travel by ANY airline?

Not all airlines are licenced to carry pets (the low-cost airlines aren’t). Please contact us for details of airlines which will carry your pet. We will normally use a direct flight where at all possible.

What about the travel crate?

This must be airline/IATA approved and be large enough for your pet to stand up (without head/ears touching the ceiling) lie down and turn around in comfort. If you provide details of your pet’s size we can supply the correct-sized carrier.

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