How to measure your pet for travel

We want, above all, for your pet to travel comfortably and safely.

The size of your pet will determine the cost of the flight. The airfreight is calculated on VOLUME not weight.
If the pet travel box is too small it will be too cramped and uncomfortable for your pet and will be refused by the airline. If the pet travel box is much too large your pet will “rattle around” uncomfortably and the airfreight cost will be much higher.

Therefore it is vital to get the correct measurements.

We need to know the following:

  • Length. This is taken from the nose to the ROOT of the tail (NOT the tip of tail)

  • Height. This is your pet’s standing height from the top of the head to the ground (when looking straight ahead)

  • Length from the front elbow to the ground (NOT the shoulder)

  • Width across the widest part of the body

Please take all measurements in centimetres.

It can be tricky to measure a frisky dog which doesn’t want to stand still! It can be a two-person job.

The best way is to place your pet against a wall and make a mark in line with the nose and another in line with the root of the tail.

It is advisable to take the measurements more than once to ensure that they are correct.

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We had lots of comments from the cargo people saying that Harvey was good all the way and what a handsome Lab he is.So once again Robin, thank you for your service it was top class I mean that, and if you would like to forward our telephone number to future clients that are fetching pets to Canada you can for sure, it would be a pleasure to recommend you and Airpaws


Lily arrived safely in Malta and was bright and very happy. The airport vet received a full face wash from her. I think she now has a friend for life. I cannot thank you enough for all your care and attention to both her and myself. I would like to give my heartfelt recommendation to your marvellous service to not only the pet but also the neurotic owners.