Pet Relocation to USA – Moving Pets from UK to USA

Our Pet Transportation Services to the USA

If you are looking for the best US pet relocation service, AirPaws can help! With over 34 years of experience shipping different types of pets including dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals overseas, our expert pet travel agents can help give you peace of mind that your pet is transported safety to one of our most popular locations, the USA.

Our transport service for pets from UK to USA gives you one less thing to worry about when you are moving with pets, and with extensive experience and knowledge of dog and cat import and export processes worldwide, AirPaws are the undisputable solution for your American pet transportation needs.

  • Specialising in UK to USA Pet Shipping

  • Extensive knowledge of pet import & export processes worldwide

  • We take care of everything, including applying for permits & booking your flight

Why Choose AirPaws to Move Your Pet From UK to USA?

As one of the UK's leading pet transport companies for USA travel and as pet owners ourselves, the team at AirPaws understand how important your pet is to you, and how an event like an overseas move can be extremely stressful for both you and your pet. We have years of experiencing dealing specifically with pet relocation UK to USA and are dedicated to providing the best possible service to making the journey as comfortable as possible. In addition to providing comfort and peace of mind, AirPaws offer advice and guidance regarding necessary pet treatments, alongside recommending the required and advised vaccines.

To ensure that your dog or cat receives the best treatment possible, our animal transportation team will deliver your pet from your home to the airport of departure, or alternatively, you can meet us at the point of departure. 

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To arrange your pet relocation today, contact us by completing the form below! Alternatively, you can give our friendly, UK-based team a call on 01903 779433.

To arrange the best pet relocation services to the USA today, contact us by completing our contact form today! Alternatively, you can give our friendly, UK-based team a call on 01903 779433

Moving To America with a Dog – What You Need
To Know

If you are moving to the USA with a dog, our team can give you all the information you need to ensure that your pet has a comfortable journey, you are complying with state regulations, and that your journey is stress-free. It is likely that you will only move to the USA once in a lifetime, but at AirPaws, we arrange pet transport to the USA all the time, and can offer expert advice and guidance. When moving to America with a dog or cat, you will need:

Pet health certificate

Rabies vaccination (recommended)

The only documentation you will require when flying your pet to America is a private health certificate issued approximately 7 days prior to export, and we recommend a rabies vaccination for all pets travelling to the USA. If you are bringing a dog into the US, quarantine for 30 days is not necessary when entering the US if they have a United Kingdom residency of at least 6 months prior to arrival.

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