Pet Shipping to Dubai and UAE Pet Relocation Services

Pet Relocation to Dubai

Moving from the UK to Dubai with a pet? AirPaws can help! Offering enticing business opportunities and a fast growing environment with a rich multicultural history, many are choosing to move from the UK to Dubai. Our experts make your move hassle-free by handing your pet travel to Dubai, for your peace of mind.

From import permits to arranging Dubai airport pet transit directly to your residence, our team have over 34 years of experience shipping different types of pets including dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals overseas.

  • Specialising in pet transport from UK to Dubai

  • Extensive knowledge of UAE pet import & export processes worldwide

  • We take care of everything, including applying for permits & booking your flight

Why Choose AirPaws for your Pet Relocation Services to Dubai?

As one of the UK's leading pet transport companies for moving pets to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the UAE and as pet owners ourselves, the team at AirPaws understand how important your pet is to you, and how an event like an overseas move can be extremely stressful for both you and your pet.

We have years of experiencing dealing specifically with moving pets from UK to Dubai and are dedicated to providing the best possible service to making the journey as comfortable as possible. In addition to providing comfort and peace of mind, AirPaws offer advice and guidance regarding necessary pet treatments, alongside recommending the required and advised vaccines.

To ensure that your dog or cat receives the best treatment possible, our personal pet taxi service team will deliver your pet from your home to the airport of departure, or alternatively, you can meet us at the point of departure. 

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To arrange your pet relocation today, contact us by completing the form below! Alternatively, you can give our friendly, UK-based team a call on 01903 779433.

To arrange your pet travel to Dubai today, contact us by completing our contact form! Alternatively, you can give our friendly, UK-based team
a call on 01903 779433.

Pet Rules in Dubai – What You Need to Know

Moving to Dubai with a dog or cat can seem complicated because of the different import regulations. If you are unsure about how to safely relocate your pet to Dubai, an experienced pet relocation company such as AirPaws can help made the process safe and stress free for both you and your pet. Our team are here to provide all the information you need to ensure that your pet has a comfortable journey and that you are complying with local regulations.

When moving to Dubai with a pet, you will need:

Rabies vaccination
All other booster vaccinations up to date
Import permit
Export health certificate issued by DEFRA

There is no quarantine for in Dubai for pets arriving with the above documentation and up-to-date health checks/vaccinations. Choosing a professional pet transportation company for your pet travel to Dubai ensures that your pet meets all of the above regulations and does not need to be quarantined or re-exported.

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